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Take a look around the city of Birmingham and you will spot one of the select establishments meant for the pleasure of gentlemen through cordial companionship. Platinum Companions is the elite establishment that has perpetually served this second largest city in the United Kingdom. This is the official website of the escort agency  in Birmingham that prides in extending its physical presence online with its high class companions. We have been in operation for the last six years entertaining gentlemen and helping them meet polished, sophisticated and exotic girls alike.

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A High Class Birmingham Escorts Agency


The great thing about them is that they are discrete during their visits. They have an inborn sense of courtesy, which combines well with their knack for respecting privacy through training. Alternatively, wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a charming girl arm-in-arm to a high-profile event? The outcall duty is to them what hosting experience is to well bred hostesses in polite society. They know about the Girlfriend Experience as well as any of their European counterparts. This helps to familiarise themselves with gentlemen, mix well in urban society and contribute in witty conversations. The city where we are based is close to the heart of the traveler for several things. One of these is the National Exhibition Center, which is just a call away from the headquarters. The ladies are always eager to take part in a conference there in company of a client. There are also the chief attractions, such as, the entertainment venues and the airport. All these are spot-on when it comes to meeting one of the elite Birmingham escorts.

Our wings also extend to the entire West Midlands in the northwestern part of the UK. Thus, it is fair to say that a visit to the site will not only center one’s attention to the city but also other urban centers like Solihull and Dudley. The convenience of being near the airport is another factor that improves the chances of making arrangements for quick dates between clients and companions. This establishment is a mere 10 miles from the heart of the central business district. Whether you are residing at your own home or is staying in an accommodation venue nearby our girls are always up and ready all the time.

While making out with a charming female partner from our ranks, it might be good to select one or two of the leading facilitations. One of these is the incall. There are young women whose only role is to provide for the emotional needs of resident gents and tourists with a flair for home or hotel based companionship. We make an example of the best Birmingham escort agency through the kind of companions we have for engagements. All of them are presentable and have diverse characteristics of beauty. If you are looking for an attractive, petite, slim or busty girl, then you have found the right agency to make a booking with. It is not for nothing that a twist of imagination for a blonde, redhead or dark haired woman would lead a gentleman to this city in the West Midlands. This is because there is an assurance that the girl will be both beautiful and open to ideas.

When it comes to dispensation, booking and making arrangements for the engagement, Platinum Companions has got the goods. We operate a professional establishment that is trustworthy and efficient. To some people, online pages are the eyes to a company but this is not always true in all instances. However, here we go an extra step by ensuring that the online booking experience matches that on the ground. This is why we have a resourceful telephone team that is well-trained. The lines are open each and every day throughout the year, this being a 24/7 professional affair. We can also make the special meeting with a companion seem a cut above the rest: we do this by hearing the client’s side of the story to the very end before the meeting takes place. If he offers suggestions of the fashion style the girl of her choice should appear in or even hairstyle, it is always our duty to make the wish come true.

Finally, are you looking for an authentic online experience? Look no further for at this site, all the photos in the vast gallery are real. They represent the natural appearance of the young woman, besides captioning her personal details underneath. After all, there is nothing better subsequent to spending an entire week closeted in an office than dialing that special someone who is right here.